On-site Yoga Classes

On Site Yoga Classes

We bring a Yogafit-trained Yoga instructor to your party or workplace.

Employee Wellness via Corporate Yoga Programs.

Corprate Yoga Classes offered by Healing Hands Mobile Massage at Companies near Osage Beach, MOOnsite yoga classes are scheduled depending on instructor availability. Healing Hands Mobile Massage has Yogafit-trained yoga instructors available for on-site classes.

We will make every effort to provide a class at your preferred time. Our yoga instructors are trained, experienced and supervised through H2M2. Onsite corporate yoga classes may be set up in two ways:

  • employees pay for the classes, or
  • the company pays for the classes.

Benefits of Yoga at the Workplace

Providing a yoga class at work greatly benefits your company employees. Yoga helps to facilitate an environment and culture of health, fitness and wellness. Participation in Yoga classes enriches the day and mind-set of employees - and is known to extend specific work-related benefits to class participants.

Employees often experience mental and emotional benefits such as:

  1. an increase in confidence,
  2. increased productivity,
  3. stronger motivation,
  4. increased work performance,
  5. better decision making ability,
  6. enhanced clarity of thought,
  7. enhanced creativity and mental alertness,
  8. higher energy levels,
  9. better morale,
  10. increased job satisfaction,
  11. an increase in positive thinking patterns,
  12. improvements in memory,
  13. better ability to focus, and
  14. a better ability to concentrate.

Physical Benefits of Yoga are also likely to be experienced by employees often include:

  1. improved flexibility,
  2. On-site Yoga classes are a great choice for an employee wellness program.an increase in strength,
  3. a boost in stamina,
  4. improvements in physical habits (I.e. posture, breathing)
  5. stronger capacity to handle and manage stress,
  6. a reduction muscle tension and pain (especially for those that sit in cubicles and work on a computer for large portions of the day),
  7. better immune system function and an increase in overall health (if you are looking to decrease absenteeism, reduce sickness and increase participation),
  8. improved digestion,
  9. improved circulation (get the blood moving),
  10. reduces headaches.

Yoga helps combat burnout, stress and fatigue in addition to the many mental, emotional and physical benefits. What better way to make your company better overall? Did we mention that it improves confidence?

Setting Up a Corporate Yoga Program

Yoga by H2M2 will customize the onsite yoga program to meet the needs of both the company and employees.

The best way to setup a corporate yoga program for your company and employees is to call our office. For more information, call 573-444-1690 or send us an email.

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