Why Mobile Massage Is Better

On Site / In Home Massage IS a Better Massage

We know it, and soon you will know why as well!

We bring the 'Healing Hands' to you!

There are a few reasons why we decided to go mobile in serving our massage therapy and yoga clients at the Lake of the Ozarks:

  1. Convenience
  2. Efficiency
  3. Effectiveness
  4. Increased Service Area (see map)
  5. More Ways To Serve You


By being mobile, we now are able to better serve our clientele by bringing the service to you. Now you don't have to drive to the session and then drive home. After a massage at your home, you can continue to peacefully relax and maximize the massage therapy. Instead of the hassle of driving immediately after your session, you can enjoy peace in your home environment. "Ahh . . . ."


Running a Mobile Massage service reduces our overhead (no need for a retail location and all related expenses). Lower overhead means better rates for you - even with the trip charge!


People are much more relaxed in their home environment. No worries about an inadequate spa! Our mobile setup time with massage table, linens, etc. is very quick (under 10 mins), and we bring the ambiance to you (soothing sounds & aromatherapy).

Simply put, your massage will have more - and a longer-lasting effect as the session will take place in the peace and comfort of private home.

Larger Service Area

We are now able to serve a larger area of the lake and help more people. Here are the areas we serve at the Lake of the Ozarks:

  • Osage Beach, MO
  • Camdenton, MO
  • Lake Ozark, MO
  • Sunrise Beach, MO

More Ways To Serve You

Going mobile allows us to serve our clients better - and have more fun in the process. In addition to bringing our entire suite of massage therapy services to you - at your convenience - we are also able to branch out and offer additional group services, such as:

Ready to Feel Better?

Schedule an appointment today! We look forward to hearing from you! Please call with any questions.

Healing Hands Mobile Massage provides licensed massage and bodywork to clients in the Lake of the Ozarks area since 2001.

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Hours: Mon-Sun: 8am-5pm (flexible by appt).
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